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Ilana Goor Museum

To give all of this it’s very unique context – throughout this very setting are classically designed iron furniture, humorous bronze sculptures, far-out jewelry designs, and decidedly abstract wooden artworks that are all the creations of your spiritual host – the multi-talented Israeli artist, designer and collector, The Ilana Goor Museum, above all, is a home. It has a warmth and character that only a home can exude. And this is no coincidence – the Ilana Goor Museum is also part of Ilana’s private home that was opened to the public in 1995.

The historical premises, the art collection and the rooftop sculpture garden will impress any important business client, especially those coming from abroad, since this is an excellent opportunity to emphasize Israel‘s beauty and landscape.

The Museum’s fascinating rooms, which are marked by authentic period architecture, are highly suitable for business planned for employees or for important conferences. The unique ambiance, unmatched anywhere else in Israel, will leave your guests with a taste for more.

In case the artist Ilana Goor is at home – she will come to greet the guests.