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The surprises at Jaffa Port include this waterfront eatery, whose name and decor are inspired by the shipping containers once unloaded along this dock. In fact, its sleek bar is fashioned from the metal shell of one discarded container. Steps away from bobbing fishing boats, diners feast on a mostly fish and seafood menu on high tables made from wooden crates. The menu varies, but red snapper with horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes with truffles are among its delights. Local art graces the walls, and live music reverberates throughout the week.

Container – Bar and restaurant seafood in a big old pier preservation Jaffa port
walls are bare, gaining the funs over the years, including a blue container and open kitchen that is the base bar. Open kitchen in the heart of the black iron stove for cooking and a specially constructed citrus grilling on the iron surface etched fresh seafood served on a wooden bar therefore constructed from the harbor wharves. Between different regions, container, open kitchen, large bar and bare walls
alive and kicking art accompanied by a DJ at a manned platform in the evening and live music. Space hosts a variety of events large and changing shape and appearance in accordance with the spirit of the whole event.

All events are held in the enchanted atmosphere of the harbor, along with fishing boats, nets and horizon views of the sea
cohesive and designed by the team events of the container customized and unique to each client
starting menu from the creator of Chef Vince Mostar to design the lightingand music space. Alternative offers a space events ranging from social events, brand launches
official cocktails, weddings and Concept.

Location: Jaffa Port

Capacity: up to 110 seating inside and up to 140 seating outside