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Pasha Room

The Pasha Room is a part of the uniqueAmerican Colony Hotel with the rich history dates back to the late nineteenth century, following a series of tragic events that led Horatio and Anna Spafford, a devoutly Christian family, to leave their home town of Chicago in 1881 in order to find peace in the holy city of Jerusalem and to offer aid to families in distress. The American Colony Hotel has a unique place in the history of the area, having endured countless challenges and a series of wars.  It was the venue from which the white flag—made from a bed sheet from one of the Colony’s hospitals, currently displayed at the Imperial War Museum in London—was taken in 1917 to initiate the truce that ended Ottoman rule in Jerusalem.

In our days you can hold your event in the Room where the Pasha used to hold court, in this beautiful, unique and inspiring room with its capacious outdoor terrace:
 dinners, launches, press conferences, corporate events.

Location: American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem.

Capacity: Pasha Room fits only up to 64 people or dinner and 100 people theatre style