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Paragliding Flights

Unforgettable Tandem Paragliding Flights on the Mediterranean Sea coast with the instructors.

You can enjoy the breathtaking activity to see the world from the bird’s eye view! Swing your legs in emptiness and feel that you’re moving in the air!

You feel the breath of the wind, enjoy the sun warmth, look at the deep blue sea under you, and feel like you’re flying in a dream! This is the paragliding flight! A free flight in its purest form.

Paragliders are made of nylon coated with silicone. Pilot sits in a harness with a built-in armchair. When you’re in the air you can just hover like a bird and take advantage of the rising air currents as thermals and beach ridges rising breeze.

Each flight lasts up to 20 min.

Maximum Group size – 20 pax.

Location: Netanya (40 min drive from Tel Aviv)