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Surviving School

The best combat and security specialists of Israel recommend you to try to get your hands dirty and get some essential survival skills with unforgettable experiences!

Weapons training, Shooting courses, Krav Maga techniques, Tactical paintball and other special extreme activities are based on the leading Counter-Terror and Security Academy located in Israel. The Academy works closely with the Israeli Defence Forces, Israeli Police and government agencies to train them to protect strategic targets and civilians.

There’s a variety of the courses starting from 2 hours and lasting up to 10 days: Commando (2 hrs), Extreme Course (2 hrs), Weapons Training (4 hrs or full day), Shoot & Train (3 days), Ultimate military recreation (5, 7 or 10 days) and Extreme recreation survival course (5, 7 or 10 days).

The instructors speak English, French, Russian and Hebrew.

To remind about the new newly acquired skills you get the special Certificate that you’ve completed the training at the Academy.

Location: Gush Etzion – Jerusalem Outskirts (1 hr drive from Tel Aviv, 25 min drive from Jerusalem)