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Extreme Race Driving

New exclusive optionOff-road VIP professional Rally on Subaru Impreza WRX 4X4 based on the leading Israeli extreme driving School. Driving license is a must.

The activities available:

  • “Formula 2”2 hrs sport driving introductory course in the Central part of Israel. (2 types of the race cars: RWD & FWD in the Practice Laps format)
  • “Nitsanei Oz” off-road Rally (Netanya outskirts). (Polaris RZR, Subaru Impreza WRX group Н)
  • A short 2 hrs sport driving introductory program on one of the mountain tracks (South-Sdom Arad, Center-Nes Arim, North-Jaar Schweitz). (Seat Leon FR)
  • 4 hrs sport driving course along Israeli best tracks in different geographic and climate zones of the country (north, south, or the central regions are at your choice)
  • 1 day driving on breath-taking courses with curves, elevation differences (uphill/downhill) and with spectacular views of the Holy Land. (Subaru BRZ)

Formula 2 & Off-road Rally – up to max 6 pax, all the rest – up to 2 pax.

Location: Central Israel, Judean Desert