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Bidvest 2015

Participants: 110 CEO and CFO from 8 countries
Period: February 2015
Duration: 5 Days
Location: 3 nights Ritz Carlton Herzlia 2 nights Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem.

The RFP was for the CEO and top management to have the best Israel can offer and to offer activities never done before by this prestigious group which meets annually. The program included Team Building in Old Jaffa with 17 teams and Ipads

  • Daily conference at the hotel
  • Opening session at Rabin Center with Mayor Rudi Giuliani who flew to Israel for 24 hours
  • Welcome dinner at the amazing new Topolopompo Asian restaurant
  • Team Building competition of building Kids Bikes and donating it to needy Kids
  • Festive Culinary event at Seven Club in Tel Aviv with chef Shitrit cooking in front of the guests
  • Dine around in 4 of Tel Aviv’s best Chef restaurant’s
  • Tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 6 different routes in small buses.
  • Night visit of the Western Wall and the Kotel Tunnels

The group enjoyed Market party at Olmaya Venue overlooking the Old City with authentic Jerusalemite food, Dancers and famous mind reader and presentation by Saul Singer, Co Author of Israel Start up Nation book.

The organizers told Eshet Incentives & Conferences that they had fun in Israel and after operating events throughout the world they were very impressed with Israel and enjoyed working with dedicated professionals.