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Israel Incentives

Israel Incentives offers you an enormous variety of tours and event options in Israel. Whether it be a conference or meeting, sporting events, a culinary and wine tour, an archaeological experience, a cultural experience, a religious tour or a tour of pure relaxation, Israel Incentives is here to assist you, to plan and accompany you all the way.

Why not convene your conference or meeting in Mini Israel with all its facilities, see all the mini sites of Israel at the same time and then venture out to the real sites? Israel Incentives offers you a visit to the historical, archaeological and religious Jerusalem, or a combination of a visit to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea where you will have a totally different experience full of pampering and relaxation. If you are willing, you can take a sunrise walk up Masada.

With Israel Incentives you can experience the sun, sea, history, culture and shopping in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps. From Tel Aviv you can fly to Eilat for all the underwater sports offered. Jeep rides in the desert are a wonderful addition to this tour.

Stay in Jerusalem and tour the holy sites. Israel Incentives suggests a once in a lifetime experience of the Opera at Masada as part of this tour.

Interested in sports? Israel Incentives can offer you packages which include the Tel Aviv Marathon, the Jerusalem Marathon Triathalon packages, the Women’s Triathalon, the Israman competition, rock climbing, sailing and scuba diving.

If you are a cyclist, there are more than 600 km of cycling paths spread out over Israel and more are being prepared. You can ride from the north to the south of Israel on most of these paths and along the way stay in Kibbutz hotels or 3-5 star hotels, see the habitats of the millions of birds which migrate each year, experience the Druse or Circassian hospitality, visit boutique vineyards, artist colonies and more. Just ask for more details and Israel Incentives will suggest all the options.

And the music festivals? There are jazz festivals, Israeli music and dance festivals and chamber music festivals each in different venues around Israel.

You can’t wait to visit this amazing country? Israel Incentives will be only too happy to help you plan your trip and tour and be with you every step of the way.

Welcome to Israel!!