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It’s our last full day at ISR already and I can say that we had a very smooth event so far – especially due to your team! Lisa above ´em all, but also Arlene, Tamar and Tanya were very helpful, always checking that things ran smoothly and supporting in any case we needed them. Especially with the hotel RS22 – which seems not to be very flexible or forward-thinking – Lisa and Tanya helped us tremendously.

Moreover the bus drivers and hostesses at Ein Bokek as well as our contact persons at Ein Bokek were very nice and supportive. Round about we might have had the best CIOmove ever. If I may say so already (knock on wood)…

So thanks to all of you and we would be delighted to come back to Israel for another event!

Best regards!
Caro & the whole Faktor 3 Live team

Date: April, 2018


To my dearest Amnon and Shelley,

It’s great to have our Dieter back and to hear how wonderfully the trip went: he was a little stressed with some of the guests but it seems it all was just fabulous in the end!
Thanks so much for again delivering to a very happy client indeed.

Thank you, you special people: I miss you terribly and so look forward to the day I am back in glorious Israel! Look after it for me ….until then xxxx

Love always
Lois Graham


Dear Shelley,

Thanks for this Shelley and for all your hard work, efforts and high standards.
The event was a real success – we’ve received much positive feedback from our guests.
We will certainly be back and I look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,
Daniel Loman


Dear Amnon,

I can only say you guys are amazing! If Sofia says it, it is TRUE as she will never just say things for the sake of it! She has NEVER worked with such an amazing DMC as you guys so take that as the best compliment ever and be proud. I have to agree with her and from me personally, thank you!

The situation in build-up was not ideal with everyone away on leave and all you have done is just wait for final instructions and quickly and quietly actioned them – quite astounding and this attitude to your client and the project is one of the major factors of the huge success of this project! THANKS ALL OF YOU! You have set the bar so high that I am not sure we can go anywhere but Israel again next year!!!!! *wink*

Also – Thank you for the gorgeous little gifts along the way: the dry fruit and ceramic on arrival and then the exquisite facial product pack just before we left (it is AWESOME!!!!) ~ really appreciate them, thanks again.

It has been wonderful to be associated with you all – Amnon with your never-ending knowledge and energy and and and and….!!! Tania and Shelley with your quiet and epic efficiency and almost instant responses EVERY TIME! No complaining ….just completing and getting done! We were all WOWED, trust me! Talia was amazing too – please do pass on my very special thanks to her too!

Cheers Eshet – it was a tough one we all know that but it went so very, very well and ended one of the biggest successes!
Fondest love and hugs always xxxxx

Incentive Manager

Date: February 2015


Dear Anna,

Thank you for all you have done to make this trip a success.
Clients have been very happy, mostly in Jerusalem, which is a really wonderful place!
We will work hard to confirm more groups to Israel because we believe it’s a really worthy destination!
Hope to meet you soon again.

By Gloria Binetti
Sararosso Incentive



Dear Tania,

On behalf of our company , client and myself, please accept our sincere gratitude for professional and productive work that you done while arranging and coordinating conference for our VIP group. We truly appreciate all the time and care you invest. It was a great pleasure to work with you and receive all necessary information and comments just in time. Clients are also appreciate your reasonable help on place, in spite of any changes of programm and clients wishes. Whole work that we done presented you as cooperative, reliable and enthusiastic specialist.

We also would like to thank the guide that you provided for our group. Сlient liked him greatly and he also was very helpful and not only at the time of tours. Results of his work also shows him as professional and charismatic person.

We express you our sincere gratitude and appreciation for effective cooperation. We believe in developing of our business and friendly relations. And hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

By Kristina Ivanova

Dear Amnon,

Thank you so much for providing us with the great support we needed to make it the successful trip it was! We were treated with the utmost care, were given personal support and treatment, and were overall very happy with the process and the resulting experience. I would be glad to provide any additional details to whom it may concern.

By Limor Gultchin

Date: March 29, 2015


Dear Amnon,

It’s time to celebrate the success of committed effort. Together we played a beautiful song

At the end of every large project we feel very proud. This was another special event that I was privileged to prepare for Banco Daycoval incentive campaign.

It took months of hard work to offer something really unique. We had every day a new scenario and indescribable experiences. All the events were produced like a cinema production.

On a trip with this complexity, which requires impeccable planning, you need the commitment and dedication of many people. The involvement not only professional but also personal to each is critical to the success of what you see and especially of the unseen and “just happens” invisibly throughout the trip.

All the realization of that dream was only possible because we found a company that was able to exactly understand the difference we would like to offer our guests. I was sure that Eshet was able to accomplish great events, but even so, I was surprised with the result of actual events and details that were offered at all the times of the trip.

My sincere thanks to all the staff who worked hard, for everything has been perfect. I want the emphasize the work of Shelly , Tania , Michal , so many others who worked in the backstage and especially the dedication of Amnon , he believed in my dream and it became true.
This trip will be in my mind and in the mind of my guests forever!

By Andreia Flores Perpetuo
Market Management
Banco Daycoval
Date: February 2015

Ritz Carlton

To Amnon and Michal,

Eshet Incoming /Incentives and conferences, received the certificate of recognition for 2016 – being a 5 star business partner