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Discover Israel

Airlines and Flying Times

The national carriers of scores of countries and Israel’s carrier El Al, serve all countries in Europe, North and South America, much of Africa, and extensive parts of Asia including the Pacific Rim.

Flights from Europe range from 3 to 5 hours, while non-stop flights from New York can take as little as 10 hours. Most flights land at Ben-Gurion International Airport, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Many from Europe also land at Ovda International Airport, near Eilat.


Israel enjoys temperate weather throughout the year. The country is virtually rainless from early spring through late autumn. In winter, rainy spells alternate with many fine, sunny days, and little rain falls in Eilat or Dead Sea regions. Summers are sunny and hot, with higher levels of humidity along the Mediterranean, in the valleys and around the Sea of Galilee.

Along with avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, visitors should wear protective head coverings and use sun blocks, even in winter.


The bywords for attire in Israel are casual and comfortable.

Even the most formal event requires no more than a dark suit for men, and cocktail dress for women.

During the day, clothing made of natural fibres, particularly cotton, is recommended. Moderate attire is imperative when visiting religious sites.

During the summer, a light jacket or cardigan is sufficient for the cooler evenings in higher elevations, such as Jerusalem. Otherwise, clothing should be as light weight as possible.

Late autumn through early spring, plan to “dress like an onion”: in layers that can be peeled off as the day progresses.

At all times of the year, bring head coverings for protection against the sun and to wear as appropriate at religious sites, comfortable walking shoes, and swimming attire.


In this age of instant information and communication, visitors to Israel, in general, and business travellers in particular, are pleased to find they are never out of touch.

Not only does Israel enjoy a broad communications-technology infrastructure, but it is one of the world-leaders in developing new systems.

Internet access to satellite-broadcast systems for teleconferencing, every advanced communications medium is readily available.

Credit Cards

All of the major international credit cards are honoured most places of business, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Service for each is provided by designated Israeli banks.


Israeli food is a delicious and eclectic variety of cuisines from all over the world. At the foundation is the Mediterranean kitchen, comprised of grilled meats, fish and profusions of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choices abound, from US fast food chains to fine continental restaurants and exotic flavors from around the world.

Israel also has many leading prize-winning wines.


The New Israeli Shekel, comprising 100 agorot, is the country’s freely traded currency. It is denominated in coins of 10 and 50 agorot, NIS 1, NIS 2, NIS 5, NIS 10, and banknotes of NIS 20, NIS 50, NIS 100 and NIS 200.

US dollars and various European currencies are also legal tender, with change made in NIS, and travellers cheques are widely accepted. Israeli currency can be re-converted at the end of one’s stay.


Electrical current is provided at 220 V/50 Hz.

Most hotels have 110-V outlets for shavers only.


Israel is situated at the eastern and of the Mediterranean Sea on the “land bridge” between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Its topography is a microcosm of the entire world’s topographies, including mountains, plains, savannahs and deserts.

The notable points of the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea are part of the continuum of the great Afro-Syrian Rift Valley and include the lowest point of earth at the Dead Sea.


A two-year preliminary study program and regular continuing courses put Israel’s government-licensed guides in a superior class.

Guiding is available in all the world’s major languages, including those of the Far East.


Israel’s hotels offer the visitor superior levels of comfort and convenience.

Whether affiliated with International Chains or domestically operated, all offer well-appointed guest rooms, excellent banqueting facilities and extensive conference facilities.